Here’s Why “Lean Talk” by Rilwan Is Topping Charts

There’s absolutely no doubt that Nigerian artiste are taking music to the next level. Some might argue that they’re gradually surpassing the American music industry in terms of good content, sounds and a freshness with their approach to music and entertainment generally. Rilwan, a young-vibrant Nigerian music artiste releases his debut single “Lean Talk” (feat. Cadet Loco). This song is extremely dope for a debut single and that’s why the Neo-Afrikan Voices here at MIXTAPE AFRICA‘s headquarters have taken it upon ourselves to ensure this song gets the proper airplay and accolades it highly deserves. Based on a true story, “Lean Talk” is a wavy Afro/Trap-Soul song you’ll want to listen to back-2-back-2-back-2-back! Produced by XOE and mixed by Johnson IP, “Lean Talk” is the perfect mood setter for chilling with bae ‘n friends. Press Play to get a hit of this smashing new hit song.

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