Neo Pan-African Submission: “What You Know” – by Oliva M

Oliva M is A South African Artist. His First Single Release Titled “U Love It” Was One That Got Him Recognized. His Second Release “Celebration” Was A Major Hit On Social Media. The Song Was Released On Sites Such As DatafileHost And SoundCloud. Oliva M Has A Profound Passion Of Making Music & Reaching Peoples Hearts And even though His First & Second Releases were Of poor Quality they Made Him An Act To keep an Eye On. Although Oliva M Was Inspired By Artists Such As Michael Jackson & Clearance Carter Keith Sweat, His Sound has A More Catchy And Trendy New School Vibe To It. Having Mastered The Art Of Dancing And Entertainment as A Whole, this Artist is Surely Gonna Manage To Make His Way To Your Playlist. Get Oliva M’s latest musical ingenuity “What You Know” here.

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