Pan-African Music: “The Tone Static EP” – by Tony Dangler

So for a minute now my conscience has been eating away at me for my lack of acknowledging the cultural products made locally and showing love to all that’s made with much grace. I cannot bring myself to throw shade on my conscience neither can I go on any longer without succumbing to its demands as its highlighted to me that just maybe good-ole-chain-smoking-Koketso may possibly be out of touch with the flames being sparked in his own city. I’ll admit with much embarrassment, for whatever irrational reasons I have let a lot of projects slide past me as though I have no care for them when in actual fact, when I’m alone in my humble abode, I blow smoke to some of the smoothest cuts from people I share drinks and laughs with.

One of those people is Tony Dangler, a member of the widely known Revivo camp. One may possibly run the risk of not being excused if this would be the first time the name pops up on their radar considering some of his most recent accomplishments. In 2014 Tony Dangler headed out to New Orleans as a result of winning Sprite’s Hip Hop Uncontainable competition and was also featured in The Fader due to his successive strides through the game. But this is not about that. In November last year Dankavelli (a name he rightfully deserves for his taste in all things considered purple vapors) dropped a collaborative project with a producer from Canada who’s known by the name Sam Static. The project is titled Tone Static and when it was passed down to my ears as a gift from the forces above I could not help but vibe religiously to the project for a while. The sonic landscape of the project is layered with a laid back energy courtesy of Sam Static’s beats which compliment Tone’s delivery exceptionally who adds to the plateau a barrage of hard-hitting rhymes carved intelligibly with a pinch of charm, wit, and humor as he takes you through his mind on each song.

When Dangler raps it is difficult to ignore the possibility that the homey’s sound has an international appeal, not simply because of how he sounds, but more so because he is able to form a bridge between his own reality and the influential occurrences of states beyond our borders, and this he does seamlessly in one bar delivered with a nonchalant attitude. On ‘Alpha Centurion’ Dangler sheds words which are a testament to the aforementioned as he says:

The city life can turn kids to goons that rob and murder
shouts to Bobby Shmurda,
Killed a track and dropped a burner
Wushup, I kick, punch, and can pop reversals
Red dot in my sizzurp cup,
Chomping Roco Mama burgers

He’s got the bars in abundance and juggles flows with ease, keeping every track a safe distance away from monotony. In light of mentioning monotony, Tony does not only leave the project drenched in self-serving lyrics that seek to convince the listener to believe he does a great job at his craft but Tone also takes the time to invite us into his journey through this life thing and this is heard on the tracks ‘Gaia’ and ‘Rebates’. What makes me appreciate the project as well is that Tony holds it down on his own all throughout the project except on one song which features his stellar partner in rhyme Impropoe. Do yourself a favor and roll one up to this project:

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