Featured Artist: Tosin Kuti

Who is Tosin Kuti?

That is the question. A British-Nigerian based in London town, he grew up listening to superior word smiths of years gone by in awe of their manipulation of the lexicon and inspired by the impact of their words. During his teenage years, he gradually honed his relatively new found skills by sparring with other rhymers, gaining respect for few but recognizing that there were other young men with the sacred power. He has gained experience in stage performance through rapping and free-styling any time he was given the chance.

Currently he is working on his debut EP ‘Young Ol’ Head’ with various producers while supplementing them with his own sounds. Songs like ‘Shame’ and ‘Non Cautious Theory’   present Tosin in his purest form as he expresses his thoughts. 

He has joined forces with K!t and Bara Blaque to form the formidable ‘The Koup’. Now he has plans of taking his talents to the heavens. Will he? In the words of the man himself, he says; ‘Watch me’.

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